<<< New Single- “Bad Attitudes” out now!

~ Nothing Sounds the Same~


"'Nothing Sounds The Same' is a real masterpiece." Lefuture Wave

"['Nothing Sounds The Same'is] a given hit." Popmuzik


Debut ~Easy~ EP

"'Easy' is...confident and effective in a refreshing way."- We Found New Music

"Laney Lynx's synth pop finishes to capture us"-HighClouds

"Sparkling and absolutely flawless indie electro pop gem" -Wonky Sensitive

“‘Voices’ is a great sign of things to come and firmly makes Laney Lynx a name to watch.” -Ground Sounds

‘Easy’ swerves and swoons effortlessly... a perfect pop anthem for the summer months." -Born Music Online

Debut ~Easy~ EP out now!


‘Easy EP’ Listen Here: